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10 Ways That Summer Is Basically An Extended Vacation For Teachers

Summertime, and, if you're a teacher, the livin' is easy!

1. It's not just the kids excited for summer break — the teachers are also stoked!

2. Luckily, the average teacher's salary provides them ABSOLUTELY enough money to coast for an entire three months.

3. Yup, the only seasonal jobs they need to apply to are kicking it at the beach and the BBQs.

4. It's not like summer school exists.

5. Teaching is such an easy job; there's little-to-no prep involved for the upcoming school year.

6. Sure, they have "seminars" to go to, but, I mean, those are basically vacation.

7. When they meet up with their fellow teacher pals, it's ANYTHING but work-related.

8. It's not like they keep updating the textbooks, so they need to spend precious summer days studying up on their curriculum.

9. Or learning the latest technology to make sure their students are prepared for the future to come.

10. Setting up a welcoming, safe, and functional classroom is a totally easy thing to do that takes no time at all.

Your former teachers are totally gone fishin’ all summer long, so you probably won’t want to join Crayola in giving them a thank-you message on social media, would you?