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11 Teachers Share What Their Students Taught Them About Life

Anyone in the field knows that what makes a good teacher is knowing when to be the student.

"I coach gymnastics, and my children taught me how to 'floss,' that fancy dance all the kids do. Also they taught me that it’s called 'flossing.'" —Brittany R.

"This one kid taught me how to do a Rubik's Cube super fast." —Gabe M.

"When I taught art, the kids did really imaginative things in their projects that made me reconsider the things I thought I knew about art." —Andrew C.

"As a student teacher, the kids taught me that just telling a group of kids something doesn't always mean comprehension and understanding. It shouldn't be a linear flow of energy but rather a cycle of back and forth." —Emily C.

"A child told me I smelled like brownies! I learned that’s what they made at home for special occasions. Association of good things and the view through children’s eyes is usually truth." —Lindsay W.

"My students taught me to be inclusive of all students!!! They’re amazing with others with physical and intellectual disabilities." —Susie T.

"The first thing that leapt into my mind was also the first thing I learned from my kids: patience. I have my students to thank for that, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a lot closer to 'man' status than 'man-child' because of them." —Barry R.

"No matter what my students were going through, they showed resiliency. They taught me how to keep dreaming when life seemed to take the most out of me." —Sarah S.

"Luck is often mistaken for hard work, determination, patience, and not letting mistakes deter your goals. Above all, be kind. People will remember you most for that." —Tina N.

"The lesson I learned is to always ask and not assume students are 'okay.' Especially teenagers. Their pride will get in the way most times. —Lydia R.

"Education is a two-way street: Everyone has a story of at least one teacher who changed their life. People forget or fail to see how much students can influence their teachers, both professionally and personally." —Michael V.

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