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    17 Times The Queens Competing On "RuPaul's Drag Race UK Vs The World" Slayed It On Their Original Seasons

    How many times have I watched these Drag Race moments? ... A sensible 74.

    RuPaul's Drag Race has officially taken over the globe — currently there are seven international versions of the show, with more on the way! However, RuPaul's Drag Race: UK Versus the World is the first time we will see queens from different international versions of the franchise compete for the crown. In celebration of the premiere, I rounded up these moments from the queens' previous seasons where they absolutely slayed the competition.

    1. Jujubee's First Reading Challenge

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    How many times has Jujubee competed on Drag Race? A sensible 74... No, seriously. She is the first queen to ever compete on four seasons, and previously has made it to the finale EVERY single time. On Season 2 she delivered these iconic reads. "Leg and Dairy" set the bar for every read to come on the franchise.

    2. Cheryl Vs. Blu

    3. Baga Chipz 'Much Betta'

    4. Jimbo's Rocky Mountain Photo Shoot

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    Jimbo became legendary from the second she walked into the Canadian Werk Room. We're so unbelievably lucky to be getting more Jimbo on our screens. The first mini-challenge on Canada's Drag Race had the queens climbing a rocky mountain where they were blasted with a powerful fan. Jimbo just...screamed. It's everything.

    5. Mo Heart Brown Cow Stunning

    6. Janey Jacké's Finale Runway

    7. Jimbo Reads Rita

    8. Pangina Heals as Host

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    Pangina Heals is one of the hosts of Drag Race Thailand, and we have never actually gotten to see her compete. This is the first time a queen has hosted first and competed second. (The opposite being Brooke Lynn Hytes, who went from competitor to host.) Pangina is extremely good at her job, and eats up her own contestants, serving looks week after week. I am VERY excited for her.

    9. Blu and Baga join "The Frock Destroyers"

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    Blu, Baga, and Divina came together in Episode 5 of UK1 to create "The Frock Destroyers." The girl group won the main challenge, and went on to become chart-topping superstars after the show aired. I do not want to break up with the Frock Destroyers. I want another album. Now!

    10. Cheryl's Confessionals

    11. Lemon's Verse on "Not Sorry Aboot It"

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    One of Lemon's best moments on the show was her rap verse on "Not Sorry Aboot It." She says, "Ain't no queen rap it back like I do," and she's literally right. Something about her bitter and sassy voice makes her punch lines hit hard. Lemon, if Episode 1 is a talent show, you know what to do.

    12. Jimbo's Snatch Game

    13. Mo Heart Describing a Chocolate Bar

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    This is Mo's third time in the race. She brings beauty and charm, and was famously robbed for her queen of hearts look in Season 10. A Mo Moment that sticks out to me is her chocolate bar mini-challenge. I could literally listen to her say succulent and decadent all day long. Mo made it all the way to the finale in All Stars 4, but could this be her season to snatch the crown?

    14. Blu Hydrangea on the Runway

    15. Lemyanka Owned 2020

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    Lemon ate up the competition on Drag Race Canada's first season. But her most iconic moment doesn't even come from Drag Race — it's her verse on Priyanka's song that went viral in 2021, "Come Through." All the gays know this verse, and if you don't, it's time to get with the program. I can assure you that 2022 is all about big BFF necklace and VIP guest list energy.

    16. Baga Chipz Loofah Runway

    17. Jujubee's Snatch Game

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    How many times could I watch this Snatch Game? A sensible 74. How many times have I used that reference already? A sensible 74. And I'll keep going. Jujubee killed the Snatch Game on All Stars 4 with her Eartha Kitt impersonation. Is there anything she can't do?