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    19 Iconic Queens We Need On "All Stars" ASAP

    These legends all have charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent in spades.

    RuPauls Drag Race All Stars is an amazing opportunity for former contestants to come back and show how much they've grown since their original season. Here are 19 queens that deserve a second chance at the crown:

    1. Crystal Methyd

    VH1/World of Wonder

    Crystal is one of the most original and creative queens to ever grace the Drag Race main stage. Her charming personality is infectious, her looks are whacky, and she always leaves you wanting more. We desperately need more Phenominal Phil. Crystal made it to the finale in Season 12. Do you think she could come back and snatch the crown?

    2. Laila McQueen

    Logo/ World of Wonder

    Laila was booted in the shows second ever double-elimination on Season 8. Her skills with a makeup brush are superb, and we need to see more. The punk rock queen deserves a chance to come back and show the world what she has been up to.

    3. Utica

    VH1/ World of Wonder

    Utica has guts. Her looks are fashion forward and out of the box. Her Bag Ball runway was out of this world, and we will never forget her bizarre yet hysterical roast. Fans fell in love with her last year, and we're ready to fall in love all over again ASAP.

    4. Jaidynn Fierce

    VH1/ World of Wonder

    Jaidynn is one of the kindest queens from the Drag Race franchise. Her smile is so contagious. On Season 7 she placed eighth, and sent two queens home. Jaidynn has unfinished business in the Werk Room, and we are so ready for her Rudemption.

    5. LaLa Ri

    VH1/ World of Wonder

    LaLa Ri deserves to compete on All Stars simply so we can see a redemption version of her "bag look" that broke the internet. The Season 13 queen is a lip sync assassin, and is the current reigning "Miss Congeniality." She would definitely give the other girls a run for their money if given the opportunity.

    6. Dida Ritz

    Logo/ World of Wonder

    It has officially been ten years since Dida walked into the runway on Season 4, where she came in sixth place. Her performance of Natalie Cole's "This Will Be" (done in front of the late legend herself) is one of the most legendary lip syncs in the shows history. Anyone up against her in a LSFYL should be scared.

    7. Gottmik

    VH1/ World of Wonder

    Fresh from Season 13, Gottmik has taken over the world. The trailblazer makeup artist delivered stunning looks and a personality you can't help but fall in love with. Gottmik is the first ever transgender male to compete on the show, and made it all the way to the finale. 

    8. Heidi N Closet

    VH1/ World of Wonder

    Charisma, charisma, charisma. Heidi came in sixth place on Season 12, and walked away with the coveted "Miss Congeniality" prize. Her "At the end of the day, it doesn't f*cking matter" moment on Untucked is so iconic. She also appeared as a Lip Sync Assassin on All Stars 6

    9. Jessica Wild

    VH1/ World of Wonder

    Jessica is one of the greatest old-school RuGirls. She won one challenge on Season 2 and came in sixth place (unfortunately foiled by an Açaí cocktail). She recently appeared on Season 6 as a Lip Sync Assassin, ending Jan with ease. The world got a taste of Jessica in 2021, and we want more. 

    10. Kameron Michaels

    VH1/ World of Wonder

    Kameron Michaels is known as the "Bodybuilder Barbie." The quiet queen lip synced her way to the finale in Season 10, proving herself as a force to be reckoned with. The muscle queen was first ever to win three LSFYL's and not be eliminated the next episode.

    11. Peppermint

    VH1/ World of Wonder

    Three out of four Season 9 finalists have a Drag Race crown, and Peppermint is up next. She has it all: personality, looks, comedy, etc. A true triple treat. We will never forget when she literally assassinated Cynthia Lee Fontaine in a lipsync showdown. After Drag Race, she performed in the Broadway show Head Over Heels. Her crown is waiting!

    12. Stacy Layne Matthews

    Logo/ World of Wonder

    The myth. The legend. The original HENNY! Stacy won Snatch Game in Season 3, and came in eighth place. Her guest appearances on All Stars 4 reminded the world that she is a superstar, and fans have been begging for her to get back in the race. 

    13. Joslyn Fox

    Logo/ World of Wonder

    The "black horse" of Season 6 is a fan favorite. You can't help but love her. In her season, Joslyn sent the legendary lip sync assassin Laganja Estranja home. Something about her is so undeniably charming, and with no main challenge wins under her belt she has something to prove. Womp womp!

    14. Denali

    VH1/ World of Wonder

    The world stopped spinning when Denali lip synced to Crystal Waters' "100% Pure Love" in Season 13. With one challenge win, she placed eighth. The Chicago ice queen needs redemption. I mean come on, she performed her first lip sync in ICE SKATES. She is widely celebrated amongst fans, and I have no doubt we will be seeing her again soon.

    15. Shuga Cain

    VH1/ World of Wonder

    Shuga Cains elimination on Season 11 was... bizarre. She was sent home despite performing well in the challenge, and fans were outraged. She did relatively well on her season, and became a favorite. That purple dress she wore was everything. The NYC queen definitely deserves a second chance.

    16. Kandy Muse

    VH1/ World of Wonder

    Kandy Muse always speaks her mind. The Season 13 runner up always brought the drama, and her feud with Tamisha Iman had us on the edge of our seats. I can't help but think Kandy would chop one of her strongest competitors if given the opportunity. Would her and Gottmik form secret alliance?

    17. Vivacious

    Logo/ World of Wonder

    You're lying if you don't want to see Vivacious again. "Liza Minelli, lies." She placed 12th on Season 6, and definitely deserves another chance to showcase her charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. Appearing in only two episodes, the club kid diva served out of this world looks, and gave us the unforgettable Ornacia entrance. 

    18. Gigi Goode

    VH1/ World of Wonder

    Gigi slayed the competition in Season 12. With four main challenge wins, three mini challenge wins, and zero lip syncs, she has one of the best track records in Drag Race herstory. She has an elite eye for fashion, and there is no doubt Gigi would eat the other girls up on All Stars. Queens, beware!

    19. Darienne Lake

    Logo/ World of Wonder

    Darienne Lake came in fourth place on Season 6, and sent fan favorite BenDeLaCreme packing. The comedy queen from Rochester has jokes, on jokes, on jokes, and is unbelievably witty. It is truly surprising that we haven't seen her back yet.