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    The 20 Most Gag-Worthy And Iconic "RuPaul's Drag Race" Moments Of All Time

    Hey, kitty girls, in celebration of the show's 200th episode, let's shantay down the memory runway and look back at the moments that truly have become LEGENDARY.

    This Friday, RuPaul's Drag Race will air its 200th episode. To celebrate, I'm taking a walk down herstory lane to revisit the most gag-worthy moments from the series proper. Before y'all come for me, this list does NOT include All Stars or Untucked. So, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER, these are the 20 most iconic moments from RuPaul's Drag Race that live rent-free in my head. Now...SILENCE!!! Bring back those moments...

    1. Sasha's Rose Petals

    Sasha with a rose petal dress

    2. Jinkx Monsoon's Little Edie

    Jinkx as Little Edie

    3. Denali vs. Kahmora Hall

    Denali with hands on hips

    4. Miss Vanjie

    Miss Vanjie

    5. Yvie Oddly vs. Brooke Lynn Heights

    Yvie showing claws

    6. Anetra's Talent Show

    Close-up of Anetra with hand on chest

    7. The First Double Elimination

    Drag star looking shocked

    8. Willow Pill's Talent Show

    Willow holding a toaster with two slices in it

    9. "It's Chocolate"

    Close-up of June

    10. Violet Chachki's Tartan Reveal

    11. Valentina's Maskgate

    Valentina wearing a sparkly mask

    12. "Do I Look Upset to You?"

    Shea Couleé looking stunned

    13. Anetra vs. Sasha

    Close-up of Sasha

    14. Chi Chi DeVayne vs. Thorgy Thor

    Chi Chi performing

    15. Roxxxy's Wig Reveal

    16. Category Is...

    Performers onstage

    17. Ongina Opens Up

    Close-up of Ongina

    18. Monet's Split Fake-Out

    19. Willam's Disqualification


    20. "Not Today, Satan"

    Okay, squirrel friends, now I want you tell me in the comments below whether you think this list is spot-on (yes, it was hard to make this top 20) or if I missed any moments that should have been on here.