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A Comparison Of Craigslist Killers

There’s a copycat Craigslist killer on the loose. Much like the original Craigslist Killer Phillip Markoff, a new murderer has been seeking out females on Craigslist. Unlike Markoff, he's been murdering them and then dumping their bodies along a private beach road on Long Island. Here are some interesting similarities and differences in the cases you probably didn’t know. And don’t forget to catch The Craigslist Killer, the all-new Lifetime movie premiering tonight at 9/8c.

  • Similarities

  • The Victims:

    In both the Original Craigslist Killer Case and The Long Island Craigslist Killer Case, all of the victims identified have been women.

  • Where The Killers Found Their Victims:

    In both cases, most identified victims were allegedly involved in solicitation using the networking website Craigslist.

  • Linked Crimes:

    In both Craigslist killer cases, it has been found that the original murders have been linked to other crimes. In the original Craigslist case, Phillip Markoff was also charged with kidnapping and robbery in an attack four days earlier in another luxury Boston hotel on an exotic dancer who advertised online. In the Long Island case, it is believed that the murders are linked to the murders of four prostitutes near the boardwalk area of Atlantic City four years ago. (Source)

  • The Killers' Double Lives:

    Although many details are yet to be uncovered about the Long Island Craigslist case, it is currently believed that the alleged murderer was recruiting women he found on Craigslist for their services. This would mean he was probably living a double life, as was Phillip Markoff, the original Craigslist Killer. Markoff was a Boston University Medical student who was engaged to be married.

  • Differences

  • The Apprehension:

    While the Long Island Craigslist killer has still not been apprehended, Philip Markoff's arrest came days after his image was shown on surveillance videos at various hotels.

  • The Death Of Phillip Markoff:

    While the Long Island Craiglist Killer is believed to still be at large, the original Craigslist Killer met a different fate. Philip Markoff, the Boston University medical student suspected of being the "Craigslist killer," was found dead in his jail cell after an apparent suicide.