What Facebook’s partisan purge means.

Jane Lytvynenko • 7 days ago

“I can’t believe BuzzFeed was the one who actually fact checked.”

Craig Silverman • 8 days ago

“It is certainly the biggest story in politics since the 2016 election,” one publisher told BuzzFeed News

Craig Silverman • 14 days ago

Government hearings in Singapore put Facebook under intense scrutiny and have paved the way for a new fake news law in the country. That has human rights organizations and activists concerned.

Craig Silverman • 17 days ago

Facebook said the pages were managed by a fake account and were spamming content from LifeZette, a conservative site.

Craig Silverman • 24 days ago

Here are some of the Hurricane Florence fakes to watch out for.

Jane Lytvynenko • One month ago

Many of the claims are baseless and lacking proof.

Craig Silverman • One month ago

How award-winning former journalist Michael D. Moore came to run a site filled with false reports and conspiracies.

Craig Silverman • One month ago

The problem with tech’s apology cornucopia.

Jane Lytvynenko • 2 months ago

"We know we have more work to do," Facebook said in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

Craig Silverman • 2 months ago

Factal says it combines technology with journalists to deliver real-time alerts about incidents that pose a risk to company facilities and employees.

Craig Silverman • 2 months ago

The fate of the once-lucrative American News Facebook page shows how much the hyperpartisan news business has struggled since 2016.

Craig Silverman • 2 months ago

An investigation reveals that the fake news sites that flourished in Macedonia in 2016 weren’t just the work of local teens — and that security agencies are probing possible connections to Russia.

Craig Silverman • 3 months ago

We're collecting and analyzing political ads that people like you are being targeted with on Facebook.

Craig Silverman • 3 months ago

The company rolled out new tech it says can help automatically identify pages spreading fake news.

Craig Silverman • 4 months ago

They messed with the wrong fact checker.

Craig Silverman • 4 months ago

What Trending lacked in usage it made up for in controversy, negative press coverage, and frustrations for Facebook.

Craig Silverman • 4 months ago

Inside the murky world of music streaming manipulation.

Jane Lytvynenko • 4 months ago

Following a BuzzFeed News investigation, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology cofounder James Scott has “voluntarily decided to step away” and a law firm will review claims about him.

Craig Silverman • 4 months ago

During one livestream, someone using the screen name National Socialist spent $100 to display the message “WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE!”

Ishmael N. Daro • 5 months ago