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The Internet Tried To Explain WTF Harper Meant By “Old Stock Canadians”

Hint: some folks think it has to do with white people.

At one point during The Globe And Mail's election debate about the economy, Stephen Harper made a reference to "new and existing and old stock Canadians."

And people were like, WTF is an old stock Canadian?

#GlobeDebate #OldStockCanadians

They turned to the internet for answers.

'Old Stock Canadians' takes on a life of its own in post-#GlobeDebate searches. #elxn42

And oh did it deliver.

Like, maybe he was talking about the first people who lived on the land that we call Canada.

When Harper uses "Old Stock Canadians" I'm guessing he doesn't mean this right? #GlobeDebate #elxn42

So when @pmharper referred to #OldStockCanadians in #globedebate he was honouring the #FirstNations of CNDA right ?!!

One woman offered a handy colour-coded guide to help you self-identify.

Wondering whether you're an "Old Stock Canadian"? Use this nifty graphic to find out! #elx42 #GlobeDebate #cdnpoli

Not everyone was into the term.

My family has been in Canada since 1638 and I'm not sure we consider ourselves #OldStockCanadians …

Lots of people shared photos of old stock Canadians.

Found some pictures of #OldStockCanadians who helped out during WW1. #cdnpoli

Some suggested Harper was talking about one pretty specific group.

Will you look like this one day? Then you are #OldStockCanadians.

#oldstockcanadians #GlobeDebate #elxn42 #cdnpoIi

But it's not as if the phrase hasn't been used before, or by a Canadian politician.

Stop race-baiting. Here's Stephanie Dion with the same expression.

Hey, remember this Canadian politician named Stockwell? Does he count as an old stock Canadian?

#OldStockCanadians - hence why lefties go nuts trying to demonize them. Credit to blockmaster @kinsellawarren

You're right, let's just move on.

A lot of people were convinced it had to do with alcohol.

@LaurenWelsh85 #OldStockCanadians are straight up HAMMERED on shitty beer!

At least now we know Harpers pre-game routine #oldstockcanadians #GlobeDebate

I don't always drink Molson Stock Ale, but when I do, I drink with #OldStockCanadians.

And in the end, some were upset that Harper had excluded other important groups of Canadians.

Why don't we hear more about Woodstock Canadians? #OldStockCanadians #GlobeDebate #elxn42

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