These Badass Women Are Taking Selfies To Show How They Harvest Like A Boss

    Who Run The Farm? Girls

    Tiffany Martinka works for Monsanto in Saskatchewan. She knows women play a major role on farms, especially at harvest time. But the industry often doesn't recognize them. So she started the #WomenOfHarvest15 hashtag to showcase their work.

    I hear ladies make better combine operators! Share your pic using #womenofharvest15 #growingconfidence

    Female farmers in Canada soon jumped on the combine selfie bandwagon.

    Working on some south sask canola. Thumbs up to #womenofharvest15 keep up the hard work ladies!

    #womenofharvest15 #growingconfidence here is my combine selfie for the year!

    "I think on their individual farm, the women are recognized and greatly appreciated because the business knows the importance of their contribution in order to be successful," Martinka told BuzzFeed Canada. "However, as an agriculture industry, I think we need to do a better job to tailor some of our events, appreciation nights, and other marketing campaigns to better accommodate and include women of the farm."

    Love this initiative! #wecandoit #womenofharvest15

    "I think that many have known that women are a huge contribution to the farm, but it's finally time that we highlight the story," Martinka said.

    @MartinkaTiffany another #womenofharvest15 pic. Hardest working farm chic I know Tina Coutts co-owner of CouttsAgro

    Just another day at the office.

    View from my office @AdamJPfeffer #ontag #harvest15

    They definitely work weekends to get the job done.

    Flying solo on Sunday, and proud of it! #womenofharvest15

    To go with the hashtag, farmer and blogger Angela Jones recently wrote a post calling on female farmers to "stop underplaying how important you are."

    She wrote:

    Dear woman in agriculture
    may I ask something of you?

    Stop. Just stop.

    Stop underplaying how important you are.

    You are a key piece to a complicated puzzle. The picture isn't complete without you. Your family needs you. Your business needs you. The industry of agriculture needs you.

    Because women are doing everything. Hey, that combine isn't going to fix itself.

    Gotta get that canola in the bin.

    Canola From field to bin #womenofharvest15 are helping get the job done. #Harvest2015 @AgMoreThanEver

    Farming while pregnant = tough as nails.

    You're never too young to help out on the farm.

    Baling with my buddy! #womenofharvest15

    Some men also participated by snapping pics of the wives and daughters who make the harvest happen.

    @MartinkaTiffany here is my wonderful wife with her combine. Going to test wheat #harvest15 #isthereanyrhingmoresexy

    Thanks to the #womenofharvest15 in my life bringing in #harvest15

    Women farmers in North Dakota and elsewhere are also posting to the hashtag.

    ND soybean harvest. #womeninag #Womenofharvest15

    "Here's to all women who have ever been part of agriculture."

    Grain cart time! Here's to all women who have ever been part of agriculture. #farmlife #womenofharvest15


    @thewolfrocks hauling soybeans! Going to need that beer when we finish harvest! #wearegreatwestern #womenofharvest15

    The photos are often also a reminder that farms are beautiful places.

    Looks like I am the buggy operator for a bit tonight#ontag #cdnag #womenofharvest15 #ckag #Farmlife #farmwife

    But also very hard work.

    My aunt is small but fierce! Farm wouldn't operate without her. #womenofharvest15 #westcdnag #AgMoreThanEver #leanin

    Women's work.