Canadians Are Tweeting The Most Beautiful Message To Newly-Arrived Refugees

“You are here and you are safe. You are here and you are loved. You are here and you can stay.”

1. A Canadian military plane carrying more than 150 Syrian refugees landed in Toronto last night. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, and Toronto Mayor John Tory were all there to welcome the families to Canada.

Mark Blinch / Reuters

3. Canadians across the country woke up to these heartwarming images — and started tweeting messages of welcome and love using the #WelcomeToCanada hashtag.

BTW #WelcomeToCanada refugees !! I hope you love it here and I hope that people treat you with respect 😘

— Eccentric Queen (@EccentricQ902)

I hope you feel safe here. I hope we live up to your expectations. I hope you'll feel like home here. #WelcomeToCanada #WelcomeRefugees

— Kavita Dogra (@KaveetsD)

You are here and you are safe. You are here and you are loved. You are here and you can stay. Never been more proud. #WelcomeToCanada

— Riley Lange (@rileylange)

9. Those who came to Canada as immigrants or refugees were reminded of their arrival here.

Proud to be a new comer myself 31 yrs ago. Proud to be a Canadian #WelcomeToCanada #WelcomeRefugees

— Wendy Yuan (@Wendy_Yuan)
Mark Blinch / Reuters

11. Canadians are talking about how proud they are of their country.

Could not be more proud to be Canadian. #WelcomeToCanada #WelcomeRefugees

— Yaman Al-Nachawati (@Yaman_aln)

#WelcometoCanada By giving refuge to those in need, both at home and from abroad, we show ourselves what we value and practice as Canadians

— Rosemary Bell (@rosemarytoronto)

Proud of my country for so warmly welcoming Syrian refugees. Here's to many more from many more places. #WelcomeToCanada

— Droc (@r_droc)

I truly understand what is Canada,reading through all the kind words for the refugees. So proud and happy, you are safe now #WelcomeToCanada

— Amélie (@madamamelie)

#WelcomeToCanada Tear of Joy to see our humanity back. #refugeeswelcome

— Justice (@Justiceisall)

16. And they’re proud of their leader. “Thank you @justinpjtrudeau to remind me that #politics can be good and change the #world when the right #leader are in that position. #Humanity #WelcomeToCanada”

Seeing our Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau show up at the airport to welcome these refugees made my heart burst with pride #WelcomeToCanada

— Fariha (@CanadianMomEh)
Mark Blinch / Reuters

19. People in other countries are tweeting their appreciation for what Canada is doing.

So happy and proud till I wanna be a Canadian too 💕 #WelcomeToCanada

— Rosyrose (@rsmhslnmstp)

I am not Syrian but thank you so much for your kindness! God Bless your people! #WelcomeToCanada #Canada #WelcomeRefugees #JustinTrudeau

— Mohd Walid Rascal (@walidrascal)

Thank you Canada.May God bless your country and your people for your good deeds!! #WelcomeToCanada .Sending a big ❤️ from Malaysia

— darwyna azizi (@DarwynaAzizi)

22. Some are contrasting the scene of Trudeau and the refugees with a certain other politician.

We started the week w/ news of fear & bigotry. But we ended it with this. Well done Prime Minister. #WelcomeToCanada

— Mike Gibbs (@Mikeggibbs)

23. But mostly Canadians are proud of and moved by this first major moment of bringing 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada.

Tonight in Canada, 163 more Syrian refugees will sleep in safety. My heart is full. #RefugeesWelcome #WelcomeToCanada 🙏🏼🇨🇦🌍❤️

— Natasha Rollings (@natasharollings)

It feels great to check your cynicism & forget about all the BS for a min to see how wonderful humans can be to each other: #WelcomeToCanada

— mark d. jarvis (@markdjarvis)

25. It’s a beautiful way to start the day — and a new life — here in Canada.

#WelcomeToCanada has me crying way too early in the morning.

— Durie Dee (@MizDurie)


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