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This Gay Couple Just Made Canadian Naval History With A Homecoming Kiss

And the crowd went wild.

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When a naval vessel comes home after a long deployment, the crew holds a draw to determine which sailor gets to disembark first and kiss their loved ones. Canada's HMC Winnipeg just returned from 255 days at sea, and the first kiss was historic.

Master Seaman Francis Legare disembarked first and his partner Corey Vautour was there waiting. They kissed, marking the first time a first kiss at a Canadian Navy homecoming was between two men.

Corporal Brent Kenny, Esquimalt Base Imaging, Crown Copyright

The Canadian Navy is fully on board with the moment.

"We are reflective of society and we do recruit across all society," Rear Admiral Gilles Couturier told CBC News. "If we don't adapt, we won't have any sailors joining."

Watch the video and listen as the crowd cheers the couple and their big kiss.

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