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11 Things We Learned From Hanging With Canada's Famous Weed Kid

"I'm loyal, that's all I got to say."

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Elizabeth McMillan / Via Twitter: @elizmcmillan

Ben Baker's life began to change when he heard a rumor that Snoop Dogg was in his hometown of Truro, Nova Scotia to film with Trailer Park Boys. So he did what any self-respecting Doggfather fan would do: he draped himself in a weed leaf outfit, threw on some retro Reebok Pump kicks and staked out the set of the show.

Baker didn't meet Snoop but ended up gaining fame as Weed Kid, thanks to his boss pose in this photo from a local reporter.

Now Weed Kid gets recognized on the street, has gotten shout-outs from Trailer Park Boys cast members and even the local police. Everybody loves Weed Kid.

BuzzFeed Canada caught up with him in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is what he wants the world to know.

1. His passion is making people happy.


"I work with people all day and I make them happy and that's my passion, it gives me purpose in life and fulfillment and I love it. I'm not just the Weed Kid, and I don't mind that term. But at the same time, I'm also more than that."

2. He bought his outfit online, and it also came with a bandana.


"Oh man, there was no occasion [I bought it for], I just like the cannabis leaf plant, man. I liked it so I copped it. As soon as I knew [Snoop Dogg] was here I was like, alright, I gotta get his attention. So I knew this was perfect."

3. Along with the media, even a local police officer gave him his due.


"Me and my buddy Josh were coming out of the trailer park because everybody [on the set] went on lunch. And an RCMP officer was chilling in the car and he asked if Snoop Dogg was still there and filming. I said yeah but they're on lunch. He said, 'Okay have a good afternoon.'

I took like three more steps and he goes, 'Wait a minute I saw you on the news last night. You're Internet famous now. What did they call you? The Weed Kid.'

He goes, 'Right on' and gives me a thumbs up.

My buddy Josh looks at me and goes, 'Maaan I'm about to start cracking up right now.'"


5. Weed Kid’s dad is supportive and loves hip hop.


Weed Kid's Dad spent many years as a musician playing in blues bands. (In fact there's a film being made about one of his old bands.)

"I'm a big fan of rap music," Weed Kid Dad said. "Snoop's good; I'm mostly old school like Public Enemy and Paris and more political old school stuff. But I can appreciate Snoop Dogg's material."

As for Weed Kid's style, he has this to say: "I don't try to control what he does or what he wears. He's his own person. If he chooses to dress the way he does then that's cool with me. He's gonna do his thing."

6. He's had enough with the stoner stereotypes.


"Just because someone dresses in something like this and because I look like a kid with all marijuana stuff on and gold teeth, like, that doesn't mean you can't be a successful and very appropriate person. I think it needs to be said that the stereotypical burnt out stoner that exists in a lot of people's minds is not real. There can be really productive successful people that, hey, also toke."


8. Truro has shown him nothing but love.

"My hometown, I gotta give a shout-out to everybody that's showing me love. It's awesome, man. I haven't heard a negative thing from someone face-to-face yet. I'll walk down the street and people will ask me for a photo. I'm loving it man, I'm not going to say I hate it. It's nice to get a little but of attention now and then."

10. He's mad about the Nova Scotia government's cuts to the film and TV tax credit program.


"[The Trailer Park Boys cast and crew] bring their families here to eat and to spend time and and they stay in local hotels. They bring so much money back into the economy. We're trying to get out of a recession, we need as much money coming in as possible."

11. His goal right now is to land a small part on Trailer Park Boys.

C'mon, Weed Kid is a natural. Book him.