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24 Reasons Why Canadians Pay It Forward Like No One Else

You can never break the chain.

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1. Here's how it works: You pay for the order of the person behind you in the drive thru or in line at the restaurant.

Lady in front of us paid for our order at Tim's, so we paid for the people behind us ☺️ #Payitforward

2. When it happens, it often inspires people to keep the chain going by paying it forward to the person behind them.

In the Tim's drive through and the vehicle ahead of us paid for our order, so we paid for the vehicle behind #PayItForward #MerryChristmas

3. It's a simple gesture, but it affects people.

actually almost cried bc the car infront of me bought my Tim's #thankful #PayItForward


After an early, hectic, kinda grouchy start to the morning - a stranger pays for our Tim's. Love it! #reset #payitforward #itsagreatday


5. But as is our nature with kindness, some Canadians feel the need take it to the next level. Like the person who bought Tims for an entire softball team.

Thanks to the kind man at Tim's in Olds today for buying the whole U12 girls softball team donuts for their tournament. #olds #payitforward


10. Some pay it forward by buying food or drinks for the homeless and those less fortunate.

Lady at Tim's just bought a homeless man breakfast. #yeg #payitforward


Complete strangers buying Tim's for less fortunate people warms ma heart 😊 #payitforward


12. Remember: Even when it seems like you're stuck behind a jerk in the drive thru, they'll surprise you.

So some guy rides my ass and put on his high beams and races me to the Tim's drive thru and all I can do is laugh. nd then he #payitforward

13. Sometimes the surprise takes the form of people handing you a gift card and a hug for no reason.

Facebook: robyn.schlenker.fischer


Girl standing at Tim's drive thru handing out Tim cards, just because #theworldneedskindness made me promise to #payitforward

15. Karma is real.

Yet again someone buys my breakfast at Tim's for letting them ahead of me in the drive through. Not all Mondays are bad β˜•πŸ© #payitforward


16. Now here's a model Canadian.

Shoveled out my neighbour's parking spots and paid for someone else's order at Tim's 😊 #payitforward

17. It's common to arrive at the cash and be told you're just the latest in a series of people to pay for someones order.

11 people kept a pay it forward going at the Tim's drive through yesterday! Keep it up Thompson! Pay it Forward! @1029CHTM #payitforward

18. Perhaps the greatest pay it forward chain came in 2012 when 228 people took part at a Winnipeg Tim Hortons.

"They were calling out the numbers, 'We're at 162,' and they made a really big deal of it," manager Troy Thompson told CBC News. "I think that's what helped keep it going because nobody wanted to be the one who broke that streak."


It spread across the country.

20. Even cops are known to pay it forward.

The police woman standing in front of me at Tim's just paid for my coffee, safe to say my faith in humanity has been restored #PayItForward


Police officer in front of me at Tim's paid for my coffee. Thanks bro! #littlethings #payitforward

22. And hot dudes.

someone bought my hangover coffee at Tim's today :) made it even better that he was hot πŸ˜πŸ’›#mademymorning #payitforward

23. This wasn't at a Tim Hortons, but it's a good reminder that Canada's pay it forward game is internationally renowned.

Holy shit that is some #PayItForward shit right there. My first time in Canada and my card isn't working, lady buys my water and Red Bull.

24. This woman right here is a HERO.

A woman just randomly bought me timbits, held the door for everyone at Tim's, then went outside and jump started someones car #Payitforward