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A Guy Found A Vibrator In The Infant Section At Value Village

They stocked with the kids toys...

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Hey, maybe this rubber ducky would be cute at bath time OH WAIT NO it's a vibrator. "My wife and I had a good laugh about it before I turned it over to someone in a [Value Village] uniform," he tells BuzzFeed Canada. He also posted about it on Facebook.

"It's not the beak," the packaging says, "it's the motion." There's also a little red box on the bottom boasting that the vibrating duck has been featured in the pages of Playboy and Cosmopolitan. #VibratorGoals

Brennan Conroy / BuzzFeed Canada / Via Facebook: brennan.conroy

"The guy was definitely concerned and took it off the shelf right away," Conroy said.

That seemed to be the end of it until about 10 minutes later Conroy "saw the production staff rolling out a cart on the other side of the store." And there was the pink pulsating duck. Were they just going to put it back on the toy shelf?

Thankfully it did not go back into the infants section. Instead, the rubby ducky found a home... next to some soap dispensers? Some other sexy bath time friends were there, too. "HOLY SHIT THERE'S A SET OF THEM," Conroy posted.

Brennan Conroy / Via

As they were checking out he and his wife made one last attempt to inform the store about the mis-stocked items.

"I alerted a manager to the situation ... he grabbed an associate and a basket and headed back that direction right away," Conroy said.

We hope you found a good home, surprisingly affordable yet misunderstood vibrators.