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    A Guy Asked People In Montreal If They'd Want Trump For Prime Minister

    "He's more open."

    Comedian Adam Susser grabbed a camera and headed out into the Montreal streets to ask people a question that thankfully we will never have to face: Would you vote Donald Trump for Prime Minister?

    (Yes, I know that in Canada we vote for our local MP, and not for the prime minister. This exercise requires you to momentarily suspend your prodigious knowledge of Canadian elections for the lols.)

    As expected, many were not into it. This woman said there's no way she'd vote for Trump. Susser asked why:

    This American woman in Montreal started laughing as soon as she heard the question. "No," she said. "God, no. No."

    But there was a surprising number of people who were down with PM Trump. This guy said he likes Trump "because he's more open, more straightforward" (😖) and has no political experience.

    This woman said she would "absolutely" like Trump to be Prime Minister. Why? "Because he's smart, he runs a multi-billion-dollar company."

    This guy had an answer right away.

    This guy wants Trump in Canada "because he's real.... People are pissed off and he has a right to have a voice."

    Susser also asked if he prefers Trump or Parti Québécois leader Pierre Karl Péladeau for prime minister. "I don't even know who Pierre al-Qaeda is," he appears to say. And then: "You know, I'm from Toronto, from the GTA... I think Quebec sucks."

    The final tally was against Trump as Prime Minister.

    Watch the whole video here:

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