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Justin Trudeau Is On The Cover Of A Marvel Comic Because Of Course He Is

"I was trying to convey the charm and personality that comes with Trudeau."

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Justin Trudeau has attained yet another level of stardom by appearing on the cover of a Marvel comic. It shows Trudeau wearing a maple leaf tank top and sitting in a boxing ring, surrounded by a group of Canadian superheroes.

Ramón K Pérez

The Trudeau image is an alternate cover for Issue No. 5 of "Civil War II: Choosing Sides," which will be available in print August 31. It's written by Canadian writer and cartoonist Chip Zdarsky and Trudeau plays a role in the story.

"There’s a big Marvel Comics event called Civil War II that centres around a new character named Ulysses who can predict upcoming disaster," Zdarsky told BuzzFeed Canada. "It’s a Minority Report-style dilemma that has all of the Marvel heroes split and [Canadian superhero crew] Alpha Flight look to the Prime Minister for advice on which side to take."

Yes, Trudeau is now advising super heroes. But are the boxing gloves just for show or does he actually punch somebody?

"Yes," Zdarsky said. "I can’t say who he punches, but his boxing skills definitely play a part. I had to put that in!"

Pérez used multiple photos of Trudeau as inspiration to create a character that looked like him but also had a comics element. "There’s a particular twinkle in the PM’s eye, and his smile is quite characteristic," he said.

Ramón K Pérez

Pérez says Trudeau's smile on the cover conveys that "He’s ready for his opponent, unafraid. 'Come at me and do your worst, I can hold my own.' "

"Them thighs."

I shared a video of Justin Trudeau running on Facebook and captioned it "them thighs" and my high school chaplain liked it