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Beware Of False Claims Of Assaults At "Black Panther" Screenings

People are bad.

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It has nothing to do with the film.


Fortunately, many people on Twitter are calling out these false claims.

Fool child claims assault at #BlackPanther premiere, uses stock footage photo from 2009 as 'proof'.

This Twitter user went viral by calling out some of the fakes.

Fake posts are being created to make black people look bad and the sad part of it is some people will believe them…

And a lot of people are outraged by this attempt to create division.

There's a bunch of people on here posting fake assault pictures and saying it was black teens at #BlackPanther showings. God I hate people.


Unfortunately, the fake tweets keep coming. This account used the name and photo of Paul Nehlen, a racist and anti-Semitic man in Wisconsin who is trying to defeat Rep. Paul Ryan in a Republican primary there. Nehlen's Twitter account was recently banned.


So, yeah, pretty much this...

Remember: If you see an image online and want to check where it came from, do a reverse image search. If you use Chrome as your browser, just right click on an image and select "Search Google for Image."

It's free and fast, and will help you fight back against fakes.

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