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Thieves Kept Stealing And Then Crashing This Poor Canadian Guy's Truck

Not a good start to the day.

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Early one morning this week, thieves decided to steal a Ford F350 out of a Calgary driveway. "After getting the vehicle started, the suspects attempted to drive it away, but collided with another vehicle parked a few feet away," said Calgary Police.

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The suspects fled the scene. Around 7:30 a.m. the truck's owner realized someone had tried to steal it, and called police. He tried to turn off the vehicle, but the accident had damaged the ignition. So the truck sat there idling.

The owner headed back into his house to wait for police.

The owner headed back into his house to wait for police.

That's when he saw a woman jump into the running truck and start driving away. The truck was getting stolen for the second time that morning.

"The owner chased after the truck and witnessed it lose control on the snowy roads, spin out and get stuck in a neighbour's driveway," police said.

After crashing it, the thief jumped out of the vehicle and ran away. Police arrived on the scene "and saw a young woman matching the description of the suspect jump into a nearby running vehicle and attempt to drive away in it."

So, to recap: this guy's truck was stolen and then crashed twice in one morning. All before 9 a.m. There is not enough coffee in the world to get that day back on track.

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