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This Is What Happens When A Neat Freak Hides $1.5 Million Worth Of Stolen Goods

OCD meets organized retail crime.

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After months of investigation, Calgary police executed eight search warrants on several locations in the city and discovered a massive trove of neatly organized stolen goods. They estimate it's worth "upwards of $1.5 million."

Calgary Police Service

"As a result of this investigation, Cody William Scott, 28, of Calgary, has been charged with several counts of possession of stolen property over $5,000," according to police.

They expect to make more arrests.


Some items still had price tags. "It is possible that what they found is a window into an organized retail crime operation," said a police release.

Calgary Police Service

"The goods are usually taken through planned, systematic shoplifting and then are sold to the public through classified ads, online sales, flea markets or on the black market."

The haul was located in several storage facilities and one private home. Along with the sheer amount of stuff, it was notable for how neatly everything was kept. Police found racks and racks of clothing.


Or this one off in a corner.

Calgary Police Service

Police also found water heaters and other large appliances.

They said they have already begun the process of returning the goods to the rightful owners.

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