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An Edmonton Salon Is Getting Rid Of Gender-Based Pricing For Haircuts

You'll pay based on the length of your hair.

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Jennifer Storey and Rebecca Wollenberg run the Adara hair salon in Edmonton. They've always had one price for men's haircuts and one for women. But that will end in March when they introduce gender-neutral pricing.

Jennifer Storey

"We believe in equality and that's why we’ve chosen to do this," Storey told BuzzFeed Canada.

The new pricing structure means people will be charged based on the length of their hair at the start of the appointment. Those wanting a barber or pixie cut will pay the least. There are different prices for medium-length hair and long hair cuts.

"The reaction has been really good," Storey said. "A lot of people like it, or say 'it's about time.'"

Adara is the first studio in Edmonton to introduce the policy, but at least one other Canadian hair salon offers gender-neutral pricing. Toronto's Fuss Hair Studio changed its prices as of January 1, 2015. "It’s gone over well with clients and we got a bunch more clients because of it," said a woman who answered the phone at Fuss.

California, New York City, Massachusetts and Washington D.C. all have laws forbidding gender discrimination in pricing. It's not only for haircuts: The laws also often apply to other beauty treatments, dry cleaning, car repairs, and other services,

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