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This Tribute To A Deceased Colleague Will Give You All The Feels

"I've never seen it done before."

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Ed Spoelstra spent decades as a lineman for Peterborough Utilities in Ontario. His two sons were also linemen. So when Spoelstra died recently at 69, his former colleagues wanted to do something special.

Chrissy Rusaw was at work at Peterborough Utilities one day last week when a colleague told her they had something special planned for Spoelstra's funeral.

"I knew Ed had passed away and I knew it was his funeral that day," she told BuzzFeed Canada. "Someone came up about an hour beforehand and said 'We're doing this tribute.' So I grabbed my camera and away we went."

Rusaw keeps a camera handy because in her spare time she runs Olive Cedar Photography.


One witness tweeted about the touching tribute.

Touching tribute for Ed Spoelstra, a Lineman for 40+yrs, as he enters his final resting place #Brotherhood❤️ #RIP

Spoelstra was laid to rest at Rosemount Memorial Gardens.