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    Here's The Story Of How A Half-Naked Drunk Dude Flooded Rogers Centre

    The true story of the drunken urinal valve yanker!

    On Sept. 18, the Blue Jays were at home playing the Boston Red Sox. At one point during the game, water started flooding into a concourse at Rogers Centre.

    Vaughn Ridley / Getty Images

    People said it was the result of a fan ripping a urinal off the wall.

    Some idiot pulled a urinal out of the wall at this @bluejays game and now it's a nightmare/flood in the 520s

    Globe And Mail sports columnist Cathal Kelly said the man was "half-naked" when he allegedly ripped the urinal from the wall.

    Further to Urinalgate, drunken Rogers Centre fan was half-naked as he pulled urinal off wall. The wrong half.

    Some reports claimed it was a children's urinal.

    SB Nation

    Others claimed a drunk man fell asleep and then ripped it out of the wall.

    Drunk man fell asleep taking a leak, pulled the urinal off the wall and flooded the upper concourse of Rogers Centre. #cheapseats #bluejays

    Which sounds kinda difficult.

    There was lots of media coverage, but no one knew for sure what caused a man to allegedly rip a urinal from the wall. Mashable declared it all a "baffling mystery" after a photo emerged online claiming to show the offender in the act.

    Mashable / Via

    Well, now the mystery has been solved. Meet Peter Keppie (right). He told BuzzFeed Canada that he and two friends, Rob Kingsford and Anton Boner, saw it all happen. The three Brits were at the game and at one point headed to the bathroom.

    Peter Keppie

    They walked in and found "this lad with his pants around his ankles yanking on this urinal valve ... so I got my camera out to take a picture," Keppie said.

    Warning: Slightly NSFW pic ahead!

    Here's a photo of the drunken fan in action. "I had just about switched to take a video when he pulled the valve off and this jet of water hit him in the chest and completely took him off his feet and smacked him into a wall," Keppie said.

    Peter Keppie

    The water pressure was so strong that it briefly pinned the man against the wall. Then he got up and walked out of the bathroom — without remembering to pull up his pants, according to Keppie.

    "He was very drunk," he said.

    Note that the man did not, in fact, rip the urinal off the wall. Keppie said it was just the valve that broke off.

    (Keppie also said he didn't think the man was consciously trying to pull the valve, or the urinal for that matter, off the wall.)

    Keppie headed back to his seats and texted two friends about what he'd seen.

    Peter Keppie
    Peter Keppie

    People sitting around them asked Keppie what they were laughing about so he showed the photo around. He also sent it to one woman sitting nearby, at her request.

    She then sent it to her son, Jared Wayland, who later tweeted it at Cathal Kelly from the Globe.

    @cathalkelly ; #urinalgate as it happened @BlueJays #BlueJays

    Keppie said he soon deleted the photo from his phone, and was unable to show it to stadium security and the police when they approached him about what they'd seen.

    "We gave a statement and [the man] ended up getting walked away in handcuffs," Keppie said.

    Toronto Police told BuzzFeed Canada that a 25-year-old man has been charged with mischief over $5,000, motive to interfere with property and common nuisance. He is due to appear in court Oct. 10.

    But aside from all that, Keppie wants everyone in Canada to know that he and his friends had a "fucking unbelievable time" at Hoagie's (right) cottage in the Kawarthas during their Canadian vacation.

    Peter Keppie

    View from the cottage

    Peter Keppie


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