An Adorable Girl Has Become "Spider-Mable" To Fight Crime In Edmonton

    Mable has been battling leukemia for two years, but today she's taking down criminals.

    Early this morning the city of Edmonton was thrown into chaos when someone kidnapped Andrew Ference, the captain of the Oilers.

    Police put out a call out for help and directed it to Spider-Mable, the city's incredible six-year-old superhero.

    #SpiderMable we hope you've seen this! #yeg needs you to save @EdmontonOilers Captain @Ferknuckle @ChildrensWishAB

    Mable has leukemia and often reads comic books during her treatments. The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada asked her what she wanted for her wish, and she told them she'd like to fight crime.

    At home, an unsuspecting Spider-Mable was told that her city needed her.

    #SpiderMable's reaction to seeing the news that the city needs her - "I wasn't expecting this!" And she's off!

    It was time to get into her super hero outfit and have a sensible breakfast.

    #SpiderMable is fueling up with Spidey breakfast before heading out on her adventure!

    Meanwhile, people all over the city began to call on her to help bring back their hockey team captain.

    #OilCountry needs you, #SpiderMable!

    Edmonton is in need of a hero today #SpiderMable please save @EdmontonOilers captain @Ferknuckle If you can't do it no one can!

    No one knew who was behind the dastardly deed, but some folks suggested the rival hockey team in Calgary may be behind it.

    #SpiderMable I don't want to cast dispersions but you should talk to ANYONE on the @NHLFlames team. #yeg #yyc

    Spider-Mable rushed to her Spider-Limo to head to city hall.

    She and Spider-Man met to discuss how to solve the case.

    #SpiderMable & Spidey are waiting to chat with @doniveson! They are already formulating a plan to save @Ferknuckle

    #SpiderMable is quizzing Spidey about Jonah and the Daily Bugle!

    The mayor presented her with "city approved web shooters."

    Special city approved web shooters have just been presented to #SpiderMable! Won't leave a gooey mess all over #yeg

    "Now go save the city!" he told her.

    "Okay!" said Spider-Mable.

    FYI Spider-Mable has solid villain-fighting strategy.

    #SpiderMable gives Spider-Man insight into her crime-fighting strategy. "One bad guy at a time."

    No wonder the people love her.

    There are tones of people honking and cheering at her on the street. A tough looking guy in a dump truck honked several times.


    Spider-Mable headed to police headquarters to get a briefing and her special badge.

    #SpiderMable on her way to @edmontonpolice with Spidey and her grandpa

    The Deputy Chief of Edmonton Police seemed relieved to know she was on the case.

    Deputy Chief harder presented #SpiderMable with a special police helpers badge and has started giving her a briefing

    They showed her a lineup of suspects and she identified Mysterio as the villain.

    @edmontonpolice Sgt. Sharpe did a photo lineup and #SpiderMable identified Mysterio as the villain!

    With a photo of Mysterio in hand, Spider-Mable is ready to track him down.

    #spidermable has identified the suspect as Mysterio - she's heading back to City Hall then WEM - pls join us!!!

    Oh you say there's other news happening in the world today? Nope.

    Water on Mars? Lame. Hope on Earth gets me every time. #SpiderMable

    Spider-Mable soon received word that fellow super hero Black Cat was being held captive at the West Edmonton Mall.

    Oh no! Another of #SpiderMable's favourite heroes Black Cat is being held captive @Official_WEM!

    Lots of people gathered at the mall to catch a glimpse of Spider-Mable in action.

    Big crowd here to watch #SpiderMable! #yeg @Official_WEM

    Spider-Mable needed to ride a zip line to free Black Cat. Seriously?!

    #SpiderMable has just figured out she needs to zip line to save Black Cat! To the rescue!

    No problem, she's down.

    Ouch, my heart. #SpiderMable is the hero we all need.

    Black Cat = saved. Time for a pizza break.

    Our hero loves the Great Canadian pizza so #SpiderMable stopped for a quick lunch @Official_WEM @bostonpizza

    Oh, and Spider-Man was now officially a fan.

    Go, #SpiderMable! We believe in you!

    Spider-Mable and Black Cat arheaded off to the zoo to catch Mysterio.

    "Go #SpiderMable!" Is ringing out in the zoo plaza as her supporters welcome her! #yegzoo @buildourzoo

    People flocked to the zoo to watch her in action.

    Our hero has a clue and is (hopefully) closing in on the whereabouts of #Oilers Captain @Ferknuckle! #SpiderMable

    Oh no!

    Mysterio has Captain @Ferknuckle! Hurry, #SpiderMable!

    Spider-Mable leapt into action and used her webs to take Mysterio out.

    #spidermable gets Mysterio with web string!!!!

    #SpiderMable got him!! @Ferknuckle is free

    Spider-Mable saved the day!

    #spidermable is victorious! @ChildrensWishAB

    You said it, Thea.

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