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This Guy Angrily Filling A Pothole Himself Is Every Montrealer In Spring

"We don't need two ville trucks, seven employees." PREACH.

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It's that wonderful time in Montreal when the snow is starting to melt and roads that were constructed with just that extra bit of corruption are cleaving into massive, car-fucking potholes.

Other cities call this spring.
Paul Chiasson / The Canadian Press

Other cities call this spring.

The city is spending $3.5 million this year to repair these sons of bitches, and the work comes with a 30-day guarantee. But guess what? Tons of potholes will never get fixed. They will get bigger. They will ruin cars. Every Montrealer knows this.

Hello repair crew. Goodbye pothole. Warm weather reveals the wear and tear on Montreal roads.

Local comedian Antonio Riccio takes one particular Montreal pothole personally. He's watched it get bigger and bigger. He knows it may never get fixed. So he decided to spend 99 cents on some dirt, grab a shovel, and fill the goddam thing himself.

He filmed the operation, too, just so every Montrealer could gain vicarious satisfaction.

"Many years ago the city used shitty products to make all the roads," he explains. "So the problem is today all those mistakes are starting to pop up more. So we happen to see potholes, bridges — everything's collapsing." Preach.

Antonio Riccio / Via

"I'm gonna do it myself, and I'm gonna use the shitty products like the ville."

Stick it to that pothole and to the city, whose work you're doing for free in a shitty way!
Antonio Riccio / Via

Stick it to that pothole and to the city, whose work you're doing for free in a shitty way!

In goes the dirt, out comes the shovel to pat it down nice and flat. "This is something I wanted to do three years ago!"

Antonio Riccio

"We don't need two ville trucks, seven employees, one [standing] like this," he said, striking a pose.

Antonio Riccio / Via

"Two minutes, it took! A dollar!" Yeah, tabernac.

Antonio Riccio / Via

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