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    Posted on Sep. 22, 2015

    15 Times Canadian Cops Had Too Much Fun On The Job


    1. When Saskatchewan RCMP offered to bring chips and salsa to an underage party.

    RCMP / Via Facebook: SaskatchewanRCMP

    "Thanks for the invite to the underage frosh party in the ‪#‎Lumsden‬ area on Saturday night," they wrote. "Lumsden ‪#‎RCMP‬ will bring chips and salsa and a choice of possible charges for the party goers ..."

    2. And DID.

    3. When York Police perfectly hashtagged a wanted notice.

    Tork Police/Twitter/BuzzFeed Canada / Via

    (That Blue Jays world champions shirt is more than a decade old.)

    4. Yep, Canadian cops would win an international law enforcement hashtagging competition, hands down.

    Facebook: VancouverPoliceDepartment

    "Dachshunds WERE on board, in the heat and in distress. We got them out. ‪#‎WhoLetTheDogsOut‬."

    You did, Vancouver Police. You did.

    5. The way Thunder Bay Police told this story about a 91 year-old man caught driving his SUV the wrong way down a street. "Nobody Will EVER Believe This Post." lol ok guys.

    Thunder Bay Police / Via Facebook: thunderbaypolice

    Nobody Will EVER Believe This Post....
    Is exactly what we were saying in the meeting.
    But let's give it a try.
    So picture this. It's 4 in the afternoon yesterday and a few officers are out doing lidar on the construction zone on the Harbour Expressway. It's heavy one way traffic going eastbound and they were focusing on that direction when one of them happened to look the opposite direction and saw an SUV COMING THE WRONG WAY!!!!!!!
    One of the officers jumped into the cruiser and activated the emergency equipment and had to follow the SUV in opposing traffic. There were cars swerving everywhere to avoid a head on collision!
    When the vehicle was finally stopped, the officer spoke to the male driver, but had to shout.
    " I don't look 91 do I?" Was the drivers response.
    He's been charged with careless driving.

    6. When, instead of shaming someone for putting a mattress out on the street, Thunder Bay cops penned a friendly note inviting them and their buddies to come pick it up. "You may want to stop and grab a bottle of Febreze while you're out," they suggested.

    Facebook: thunderbaypolice

    7. When Ottawa police talked about issuing tickets "for eating cereal in a bowl with both hands while driving."

    Facebook: OttawaPoliceService

    8. Quoting the lyrics to Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 55" instead of writing a boring cautionary note about speeding.

    Facebook: thunderbaypolice

    9. When they created a barbecue meme to talk shit about firefighters.

    Facebook: SaskatoonPolice

    10. Or illustrated the cost of fines using images of hockey and Taylor Swift.

    Facebook: thunderbaypolice

    11. When crappy July weather led Newfoundland police to issue a release "seeking the assistance of the general public in locating the missing season of summer."

    **MEDIA RELEASE** RNC Search for Missing Season: #SUMMER #nlwx #nltraffic @ryansnoddon @EddieSheerr

    SUMMER was last seen in early August 2014. When last seen SUMMER was described as being between 20 — 30 degrees Celsius, blue skies with a bright and warm source of light in the sky. There have been sporadic sightings of this bright object, but these sightings have been rare since May 2015.

    12. And then they actually sent a car to arrest a local weatherman.

    Yes, that's NL's most-wanted @ryansnoddon being taken away by @RNC_PoliceNL for crimes against #nlwx

    OK, everybody get back to work.

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