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This Alberta Billboard Shows A Naked Demon Woman Being "Drilled To Hell"

It's an oil patch thing.

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Some ad campaigns become part of history thanks to their enduring images and message. The people who create these masterpieces make it into the Advertising Hall of Fame. Now, Dan McRae of Killam, Alberta, is making his pitch for inclusion with this.

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The billboard from McRae's oilfield services company, BeDevil, is attracting criticism for its portrayal of a naked woman being consumed by flames and the tag line, "SCREWPILES: We Drill them to Hell and Back."

But McRae says people have misunderstood his creative vision. There is a powerful story being told with the naked woman, the drilling, and the hellfire. Grab a pen and paper, Don Draper, because advertising school is in session.

"The idea of the billboard is you can see the track hoe, the drivehead and the screwpile on it," McRae told the Calgary Sun, "and the woman lying on her back is a demon who's asleep in hell and what we're doing is we're just showing everybody that we will work like bastards to get the job done."

McRae also responded specifically to concerns that the ad is violent towards women.

"It has nothing to do with women and violence," he told CBC. "I would stick up for any woman anytime in a situation like that. We do not believe in that. There is more nudity on a Victoria Secret catalog than you'll ever find on mine. And they don't knock them down."


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