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Turns Out Santa Lives In Small Town Ontario And Hangs Out At The Tim Hortons

"Let's give and not take," Santa says.

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Mark Hurson was in a Tim Hortons in Fergus, Ontario, when this jolly fellow walked in. A boy sitting nearby took one look and excitedly said, "It's Santa!" The man "went into full-blown Santa mode," Hurson told BuzzFeed Canada

Facebook: markhurson

"He pulls out of his pocket a pen and it says 'Santa Claus' on it and he says 'Here's a pen, I want you to write me a letter.'"

Santa saw the boy was with his mom and baby sister, so he told him to make sure he takes care of them. Then Santa said he was heading back up to the North Pole to finish making toys.

Hurson says everyone in the restaurant stopped to take in the scene, and many were left with tears in their eyes.

"We were all just like, 'That was super nice of that guy to do that.' I took a pictures of him and shared it with my buddies [on Facebook] and I thought they would get kick out of it."

This woman's family in France saw the post and asked her to send a message to Hurson. "Last week France lost something. The world did. I want you to know the picture you shared ... bring[s] back the happiness and joy that was quickly forgotten."


One day after his Facebook post, Hurson was back in Fergus and ran into Santa. "As soon as I saw him he had a big smile," Hurson said. Santa, 80, had seen seen the Facebook post, and all the comments.

Facebook: markhurson

"Such a lovely man with a heart of gold," he said. "Fergus, Ontario, you are very lucky to have this guy as one of your community."

Media soon came calling, but he would only give interviews if they agreed to refer to him as Santa. "What Santa is trying to put out is, 'Give. Let's give and not take,'" he told CityTV.

Santa grows a new beard every year and carries the pens with him at all times, according to Hurson. "The reason he gives away pens is because his grandaugter has diabetes, so he thinks giving away sugar is a bad idea."

Given his recent brush with fame, Santa has had to order more pens.