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This Actress Is Not Happy Her Photo Is Being Used In A Hoax About Trump Fans

It's not the first time a fake photo of roughed-up Trump supporters has made the rounds.

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Facebook user Greg McCurdy recently posted this image of a bloodied woman and said she was assaulted because she is a Trump supporter. "The result of Fascism in America...simply because she was a Trump supporter," he said.

The image and claim that it shows a woman beaten by anti-Trumpers also made its way to Twitter thanks to the Conservative Nation account.

Twitter: @Cons_Nation

It's been less successful on Twitter, garnering just over 600 retweets. The replies to that tweet are now mostly dominated by people mocking the account for sharing an obviously false message.

What the photo actually shows is Australian actress Samara Weaving, who played a character on the first season of the Starz series Ash vs Evil Dead. She's covered in fake blood as part of her role on the show.

Instagram: @samweaving

Weaving shared the photo on her Instagram account late last year.


Even Ash himself, Bruce Campbell, tried to debunk the fake photo going around.

Check your facts, folks. This is an actress named Samara Weaving from #AshVsEvilDead. This is a make-up test. Sad.

Conservative Nation still has not taken down the tweet as of Wednesday.

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