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People Are In Shock That Rob Ford Was Only 46 Years Old When He Died

"The most surprising thing of the Rob Ford dying news is he was only 46."

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The death of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford today from cancer did not come as a total shock, given that his family recently announced he was in palliative care. But as the news first spread, many expressed surprise at the fact that Ford was only 46 years old.

Chris Young / The Canadian Press

Social media is filled with people expressing disbelief at his relatively young age.

Not shocked by Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's death, but floored he was only 46 šŸ˜³

I'm not shocked about Rob Ford's passing. I'm shocked he was only 46.

Absolutely stunned to learn that Rob Ford was only 46. #fb

I cant believe rob ford is only 46, i thought it was a misprint.

For some, Ford's death at 46 is a sign of the devastating effects of cancer.

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The fact that Rob Ford was only 46 years old makes his death all the more sad. Way too young. Cancer doesn't discriminate, though.

Holy shit. Rob Ford was only 46. Cancer sucks. What a tragic life.

I can't say I'll personally miss Rob Ford, but he was only 46. Cancer is the worst.

i didn't care for rob ford, but no one deserves to die from cancer at only 46 years old. very sad. there was a human behind the circus.

Others see it as a result of the toll that addiction takes on a person.

Ohmigod Rob Ford has died. He was only 46. This is the BEAST that is addiction and alcoholism. RIP rfo

Rob Ford was only 46. It might feel good to eat and drink too much alcohol, and do drugs, but the price is so high. 46.

the most surprising thing of the Rob Ford dying news is he was only 46. All that crack leaves a toll, apparently.

Many had hoped Ford would be able to live a long, sober, healthy life.

Was hoping that Rob Ford would be able to turn things around. Sad to hear he lost his battle with cancer. Only 46 years old too..

And the saddest realization is that Ford dying at 46 means he leaves behind a wife two young children.

In all honestly Rob Ford's death is very sad, he was only 46 and had a wife and children. R.I.P. Rob Ford. :[

Whatever your thoughts on Rob Ford the man, 2 children just lost there 46 year old father to cancer. RIP

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