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    Super Sorry Everyone But That Viral Pic Of A Baby Moose With A Pride Flag Is Fake

    You can still embrace what Tiny Love Moose represents!

    Over the past couple of days this image of a baby moose with a pride flag in its mouth has been making people very happy, and getting lots of shares. I mean, just look at this little ambassador of love:

    We need this perfect Tiny Love Moose right now.

    OK... about the moose.

    Let me just say up front that I'm really, really sorry for what I'm about to do. Tiny Love Moose has given thousands of people on Twitter joy, and it has spread to Tumblr and elsewhere. Tiny Love Moose is what we need this week more than any other.

    But. *deep breath*

    There was no baby moose in Canada with a pride flag in its mouth. This is the original image before someone photoshopped in the flag:


    Again, I want to say how sorry I am. Canadian sorry. But also know that even if Tiny Love Moose wasn't what it seemed, it can still bring joy and happiness. You should fill your heart with love, and in doing so you will embody the spirit of Tiny Love Moose. That will make it real.

    And then you won't need to keep sharing the fake photo. Everybody wins.