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NHL Star P.K. Subban Joined A Street Hockey Game, Got Stopped By An 8 Year-Old

"This says everything about what kind of a guy P.K. is."

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Star NHL defenceman P.K. Subban was out for Sunday dinner at a Montreal restaurant. As he was leaving, he saw a bunch of kids playing street hockey. Subban got out of his SUV and yelled, "Ok, guys! Let's play some street hockey!"

Aaron Fraser lives on the street, which is located in lower Westmount. His son Jack, 8, plays centre for the Novice Westmount Wings. Jack put on the pads to get in net against Subban.

"I am a goalie so he keeps trying to get me to let him play net, but he is a natural goal scorer so I am reluctant," Fraser said.

Let's see how Jack did against one of the NHL's best.


But Jack stopped him again!

"He was blown away but was trying to act cool and wanted to stop all of P.K.'s shots," said Fraser. "You could see him get discouraged when the first two went in but then he made a few saves and you could see his confidence swell."


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"This says everything about what kind of a guy P.K. is," Fraser said. "P.K. is not only the most talented defenseman in hockey, he also does it with a smile on his face. The kids can sense it and they eat it up!"

Watch the full video here. Meanwhile, we look forward to Jack's NHL career.