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    Canadians Are Hilariously Confessing Their Most Un-Canadian Traits

    "I don't give AF about hockey."

    It all started with one woman's confession about poutine.

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I don't like poutine.

    Because of Krista's brave (but unforgivable) declaration, others felt free to unburden themselves of the shameful un-Canadian things they do, say, and feel.

    Some admitted things that many Canadians know all too well.

    #ImABadCanadianBecause i took french for seven years and i dont even know how to say a sentence

    They shared potentially unpopular feelings about popular Canadians.

    When I hear the music for Coach's Corner, I change the channel. #ImABadCanadianBecause

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I think maple flavoured anything is gross, and Gretzky is a douchebag.

    A lot of folks declared their disdain for Canadian staples such as Tim Hortons.

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I think a double double is a waste of coffee. Scratch that, I think Tim Hortons is a waste of "coffee"


    #ImABadCanadianBecause I'm not sorry, and I'm not sorry that I'm not sorry


    #ImABadCanadianBecause I hate cold weather.


    #ImABadCanadianBecause I don't give AF about hockey

    It turns out Krista isn't the only poutine hater.

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I don't like poutine and I never learned how to skate RS

    Yes, that's Juno-winning singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith. He never learned to skate! And he signs his tweets RS!

    Some folks hate hockey and poutine.

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I don't give a crap about hockey and poutine disgusts me.

    Disgust is such a strong word...

    Or even maple syrup!

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I hate Maple Syrup that come from maple trees... I prefer Aunt Jemima

    But this food one is totally acceptable.

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I like regular bacon over Canadian bacon.

    Some brave souls stood up for Nickelback.

    #ImaBadCanadianBecause I think Nickelback is decent.

    Others confessed their hate for some Canadian bands.

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I think the Tragically Hip are overrated.

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I don't like RUSH

    Just FYI this cop wanted to confess that he doesn't own a parka.

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I don't own a parka. Sorry.

    Maybe he's more of a peacoat kind of guy?

    But people are also using the hashtag to talk about serious issues that they feel many Canadians don't acknowledge.

    I talk about stolen indigenous land. #ImABadCanadianBecause

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I recognise that Canada is a white supremacist country & don't try to pretend this is some global utopia πŸ˜’πŸ’πŸ

    More than a few folks wanted to confess what they've been telling Americans about life in Canada.

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I told people from the U.S. that we live in igloos, have snow snakes and travel by dog sled team & they believed me

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I once told an American friend about our eskimo president Nanook and our national dog sled team, and she believed it!

    Hmmm... kinda seems like both of you deserve a time out for this one.

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I told an American friend that we had trained attack beavers at the border, and to never leave the car at night.

    An American also joined in.

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I'm from Ohio

    And then there was this:

    #ImABadCanadianBecause I love @realDonaldTrump


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