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Parents Are Sharing This Hoax On Facebook Because Of What It Says About Kids These Days

The fake story claimed a 9-year-old killed both parents because they took away his internet access.

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The good news is this horrific crime never happened — the story is a hoax from a fake news website, News4KTLA. It's filled entirely with fake news articles that often involve crazy crimes, like these:


The bad news is the story has received over 20,000 Facebook likes, shares, and comments. One reason for its popularity is that adults share it on Facebook in order to argue that kids today need to get spanked more by their parents, as well as kept away from video games.

The hoax story said the boy killed his parents in part because his punishment meant he couldn't "play his online games or communicate through apps on his tablet." People seized on this to condemn video games:


Even after being told the story was fake, people still wanted to make the point that today's kids don't get enough discipline.


"Thank God it's false," this woman said, and added that parents need to "Start whipping that ass again."

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