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    This Photo Of An Alberta Town's Sad Tourism Slogan Will Make You Sad

    Okotoks has a variety of activities in which you can engage to amuse yourself.

    The Alberta town of Okotoks is running a boorishly boastful ad campaign on public transit.

    Okotoks! Get excited everybody!

    People decided to help out by offering alternate slogans that draw attention to Okotoks' many attractions.

    "Okotoks: We have our own radio station" #OkotoksSlogans

    @CJAY92 Okotoks: We have a baseball team! #OkotoksSlogans

    The spelling of the town's name provided inspiration.

    "Okotoks: last week I couldn't spell it, now I live here!" #OkotoksSlogans

    "Okotoks: quicker to visit than it is to spell!" #OkotoksSlogans

    Reach for the stars, Okotoks.

    #OkotoksSlogans "Not just a sulfur pile anymore"


    "Okotoks: I've peed in every public bathroom." #okotoksslogans

    The town took note of the attention it was getting, and joined in.

    What a funny meme! Share ur fun slogans to win a gift basket with 'things to do in #Okotoks'! #thingstodoinokotoks

    It also corrected a misconception about the campaign. The sad slogan is only part of the town's tourism ad. The rest of the ad carries the excitement-inducing line, "Let your summer unfold in Okotoks."

    Surprised & a little amused by attn to our tourism ad. It has people talking! Tell us what you love to do in #Okotoks

    "The slogan that's out there is really without context," Shane Olson, the economic development manager for Okotoks told Postmedia.

    Olson also admitted the second part is somewhat uninspiring.

    "I guess we're a little bit modest," he said.

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