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A Canadian Farmer Is Growing The Most Beautiful Pink Potatoes

Straight from the field to your heart.

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When MacLean first saw their pinkish eyes he felt they were smiling back at him, so he dubbed them "Smilin' Eyes Irish Gold." Look at these toothsome taters:

MacLean Farms LTD

MacLean is the exclusive grower of this spud thanks to a deal with the Potato Variety Management Institute in the U.S., which licenses potato varieties.

"I was looking for a good type, good taste yellow potato and I struck it lucky, I guess, because they are delicious no matter what you're cooking," he told BuzzFeed Canada.

MacLean planted 100 acres of them in the spring. "I don’t know where it’s gonna end up but we have them around in our local stores and some in Charlottetown," he said. "We're just getting underway but we’ve had repeat business."

Along with their pink eyes, the potatoes sprout pretty pink flowers. "The prettiest field you ever want to see," MacLean told CBC. "People would stop there. I seen two, three, four cars stopped there at once, taking pictures. They're real pretty."

Smilin' Eyes are non-GMO and were created by combining different varieties of potatoes. The pink eyes and flowers are an unexpected result of the combo.