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    This Girl's Day Was Made When She Found An Inspiring Note Hidden In A Bookstore

    "P.S. I believe in you!"

    Kiana Bromley, 10, was shopping with her family at a Chapters bookstore in Peterborough, Ontario. She headed to the teen section, picked up a copy of Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes, and saw an envelope sitting between that book and the one next to it.

    Winston Bromley

    "She was confused by seeing a letter in a white envelope sitting there for no reason, and nervous at first to open it up, not knowing what was inside of it," her father, Winston Bromley, told BuzzFeed Canada.

    Winston Bromley

    "I think we were both surprised by the find of the letter, and the random kindness of the note."

    "I hope you're having a good day," the note began. "Maybe it's crazy to think this little note could make your day a little bit better, but I hope it does. Keep your head up and smile lots, because I think there's a reason you were the one to find this letter and it must be because you're awesome."

    Winston Bromley

    "I'm just one girl that feels like speadin' a little love, feel free to pass it on. Go show the world what you got!"

    The note ended with, "P.S. I believe in you!"

    "It made me feel good about myself ... that someone I didn't know believed in me," Kiana told BuzzFeed Canada.

    Winston Bromley

    She's now writing her own note to leave next to a book in order to make someone else feel good.

    "I feel it's a great act of kindness to let a total stranger know that they are special and someone believes in them," Bromley said.

    "As human beings, sometimes that is all we need. Someone to believe in us. My family was deeply touched by this message and how it made my daughter feel. We talked [about] it for the rest of the day. It made us smile."