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    Posted on Jun. 3, 2016

    Genie Bouchard Lost At The French Open And Got Roasted By A Border Agent

    30—No Love

    This is Genie Bouchard, a professional tennis player from Montreal. She was hoping to kickstart a comeback at the French Open after overcoming an eating disorder and getting a concussion last year.

    Unfortunately, she lost in the second round to Switzerland's Timea Bacsinszky. Bouchard left Paris earlier than expected on a flight to Holland, where she had a rough encounter with a border agent:

    Immigration entering Holland: Him: Purpose of trip? Me: Tennis tournament Him: Oh, shouldn't you still be in Paris then? Me: ...

    Universal Television / Via

    What foul shade!

    Twitter: @geniebouchard

    Who knew border agents could deliver such sick burns?

    But overall people are impressed Bouchard would share this moment after such a tough loss.

    And they've got her back.

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