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    This Guy Took A Pic Of A Ghost Pokémon Spawning Above A Dead Raccoon And It's The Most Toronto Thing Ever


    Corbin Smith was out grocery shopping and playing Pokémon Go when he saw an unfortunately common sight in Toronto: A dead raccoon lying in the street. "I thought 'Oh, that would be a rather gruesome Pokemon Go photo,'" he told BuzzFeed Canada.

    He also of course thought about #DeadRacconTO, the moment when one dead raccoon united a city and created a global viral sensation.

    Jason Wagar / Via Twitter: @jasonwagar

    RIP little buddy.

    Smith was on his way home later when all of a sudden he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. "I'm thinking, 'Oh wow — no way, isn't this right around where that dead raccoon was?'" he said. Sure enough, a ghost Pokémon had spawned right above the dead raccoon:

    Corbin Smith

    "I pull my phone out of my pocket to see what kind of Pokémon is in the area to catch and I just started laughing," he said. "I probably said something like, 'You've got to be kidding me' out loud.

    "I mean really? A ghost Pokémon spawned in game right around where that dead raccoon is? What could those odds possibly be?" he said.

    Smith began snapping photos to capture the moment, all the while thinking about #DeadRaccoonTO. "I sent a text to a couple friends that I knew would appreciate the photo," he said. "The general consensus was 'Most Toronto-y Pokémon Go photo of all time'."

    Corbin Smith

    "I mean, if Zanta was standing in the background or a cyclist was being hit by a car, that would have maybe elevated the Toronto-ness of it," he joked.

    "After I got the photos, I made sure to catch him (the Pokémon, not the dead raccoon) and name him after DeadRaccoonTO," Smith said.

    Corbin Smith

    Smith, by the way, is currently at level 24 in the game. "I put maybe an hour [or] so a day into the game when I'm walking around or coming home from work," he said.

    Lodoe Laura Photography / Via

    He also wanted to remind people that "if you see a dead animal at the side of the road in Toronto, the right thing to do is call 311 to let the city know to clean it up — not take photos of it."