A Hockey Player Allegedly Got Drunk And Rammed His Truck Into A Tim Hortons

    What, no maple syrup?

    Ryan O'Reilly is a centre with the Buffalo Sabres. He's also now facing an impaired driving charge after allegedly driving his snazzy truck into a Tim Hortons early one monring, according to a report from AM 980 in London, Ont.

    O'Reilly very recently signed a lucrative contract with the Buffalo Sabres. Close to two months ago, he shared this photo of his new green Chevy truck. It is allegedly the vehicle that he drove into a Lucan, Ont. Tim Hortons early in the morning.

    O'Reilly recently deleted his Twitter account, but his Instagram account is still live. People are now posting comments about his arrest on the photo of his truck.


    "Same car you crashed into timmys in Lucan!?" posted one person.

    "Cant spend 30 bucks on a cab but will spend 3000 on a lawyer. Good job O'Money," said another.

    People also can't help but comment on the alleged crime's painful combination of Canadiana.

    Ryan O'Reilly crashed his truck into a Tim Hortons while drunk. Only thing that could make this more Canadian is if he was drunk off Molson

    @AmoriZep Unsure if it's true, but hearing he crashed his truck into a Tim Hortons. Most Canadian hit and run ever, eh?

    @judge_kevin crashed into a Tim Hortons while impaired. #RealCanadian, only thing realer would be if he was blasting the Tragically Hip

    It happens to the best of us, according to this guy.

    Shut up people. He gets a couple game suspension and its over. Who hasn't crashed into a Tim hortons at 4 am. #Sabres

    O'Reilly will appear in court August 20.

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