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    28 Of The Most Canadian Crimes Ever Committed

    Featuring a moderate-speed canoe chase.

    1. The legendary maple syrup heist of 2012.

    The Globe and Mail / Via

    Never forget.

    2. The far less legendary maple syrup sidewalk pour of 2015.

    CBC News / Via

    Police were called to the scene in Hamilton, Ontario after people reported a sticky liquid on the ground. They realized it was maple syrup and them arrested the man responsible, charging him with mischief.

    "He caused resources to have to be deployed to clean this stuff up," Constable Steve Welton told the CBC.

    3. The original maple syrup theft of 1879 that saw "J.H. Hagan & T. Sanderson" arrested for "Taking maple syrup."

    4. A break and enter that was the result of someone leaving out an enticing bag of chips.

    Saanich News / Via

    5. The theft of close to 5,000 lbs of lobster.

    Shelbourne County Coast guard / Via

    Police estimated the lobster was worth $30,000.

    6. The large-scale tampering with potatoes on Prince Edward Island.

    Vice / Via

    7. The guy who casually walked into a store, shoved $1,500 worth of chewing gum into a garbage bag, and left. Police dubbed him the #FreshBreathBandit.

    York Regional Police / Via

    Like, most casual thief ever.

    8. The man who broke into a B.C. home and behaved like a house guest until the owners got home.

    BuzzFeed / Via

    9. The woman who got carried away at a hockey game.

    Yahoo / Via

    10. The snow plow operator who smashed this woman's car.

    CBC News / Via

    11. The snow plow operator and Zamboni driver who got smashed and went to work.

    BuzzFeed / Via

    12. That time Calgary cops were caught on video having a street race to the Tim Hortons.

    View this video on YouTube

    "The Calgary Police Service have no choice but to launch an internal investigation into the alleged green-light drag to a southeast Tim Hortons, because there’s no way to ignore it," reported the Calgary Sun.

    13. When someone stole this moose sculpture from the New Brunswick Exhibition.

    14. When someone stole this person's winter essentials.

    Lentz / Via Twitter: @JLentz07

    15. When a kid stole a school bus and drove it and his friends to a Tim Hortons.

    CP24 / Via Twitter: @CP24

    "Police say they got wind of the joy ride on Wednesday night when three youths were seen getting out of a bus near a Tim Hortons location at 10:30," reported CP24.

    16. When a guy really needed his Tim's coffee.

    Metro News / Via

    18. When a guy robbed a convenience store by brandishing a snow scraper as a weapon.

    Mac's / Via

    19. When a hockey parent went too far.

    Metro / Via

    20. And when this guy tried to evade cops by paddling a canoe.

    CBC News / Via Twitter: @CBCCanada

    21. This monster.

    ScanBC / Via Twitter: @ScanBC

    22. The two guys who stole almost $30,000 worth of high-end hockey sticks.

    CTV News / Via

    23. The Calgary man who was arrested after riding in the sky on a lawn chair attached to balloons. He'd hoped to make an impressive landing at the Calgary Stampede.

    BBC / Via

    "I did anticipate they would be a little upset," Daniel Boria said when asked what police thought of the stunt. "It's already worse than I thought it would be."

    24. The guy who pulled this snow removal scam in 2011.

    Toronto Star / Via

    25. The guys who took the scam to the next level in 2015.

    CityNews / Via

    26. The people who executed a municipal-level snow scam in Montreal.

    27. This.

    CTV News / Via

    "Halifax police say a 20-year-old man is facing charges after he allegedly stabbed someone, and then drove the victim to hospital," reported CTV News.

    28. We have a winner.

    Beer stolen after Moose Jaw man attacked with bear spray

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