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    People Can't Believe How Much The Maple Leafs Are Paying Their New Coach

    Babwatch has ended. Let the $50 million insanity begin.

    Detroit Red Wings head coach Mike Babcock has been considering other teams. Then word came he was likely joining the Toronto Maple Leafs. This brought Babwatch to a close.

    Today the team confirmed it with a tweet.

    The Toronto Maple #Leafs have named Mike Babcock the 30th head coach in club history. #TMLtalk

    Many fans were uncomfortably happy about the news.

    Then everyone learned Babcock is being paid $50 million over eight years, the richest coaching contract in NHL history.

    Top NHL coaches currently make about $2 million a year. Babcock is getting $6.25 million.

    The list of highest paid NHL coaches ($/season) from back in November prior to #Leafs signing Babcock. #TSN #Babwatch

    Did Leafs President Brendan Shanahan overpay?

    #Shanahan's negotiations with #Babcock. #Babwatch #BabcockWatch #PrettyBabcock #Leafs #tmltalk

    One thing is clear: Mike Babcock is riiiich.

    Mike Babcock in his garage right now

    Babcock sighted on his way to Toronto #TMLTalk @brendanshanahan

    Babcock won a Stanley Cup with the Red Wings. The Leafs haven't won the Cup in almost 50 years, and finished with the fourth-worst record in the NHL this year. Understandably, there is some skepticism in Leafs land.

    Looks like Mike Babcock has signed on to coach the #Leafs.

    Even with the Babcock hiring the Leafs parade route remains the same #48yrsAndCounting

    This guy went ahead and tweeted #FireBabcock.

    ...just to be sure he gets credit when things inevitably fall apart.

    @kirstinestewart Wanted to make sure that when it actually starts appearing in nine months I was first.

    Smart plan, Steve.

    Meanwhile, Babcock is doing just fine.