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This TV Anchor's Reaction To A Terrible Pun Makes Bad Jokes Worth Telling

Better than a reaction from URANUS, amirite?

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A recent newscast from CKPG TV in Prince George, British Columbia, featured a story about astronauts eating lettuce grown in the International Space Station.


"I love it," said anchor Aileen Machell. "Agriculture that is out of this world."

Here's the exchange in full.

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Way to go putting yourself out there with that dad joke, @RichAbney! I've seen articles on every corner of the internet about it, hahaha

@RichAbney nailed it! #forthewin #foodfromyouranus hahaha ha. Almost spit out my coffee!

Whoa, easy on the Uranus hashtag...

One restaurant created a new food label in Abney's honour.

Hey @RichAbney, safe to eat? Courtesy of @CopperPigBbq #UranusLettuce #Freshhh


Recognize that it is "The Scream"-meme ready!