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Toronto Mayor John Tory May Have Lost His Damn Mind

Put down the Twitter, Mr. Mayor.

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Toronto Mayor John Tory made a bit of a faux pas yesterday when he said at a press conference that Kanye West was Canadian. Lots of folks seized on the remark, including us.

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The mayor later admitted he made a mistake. It was funny, but Tory didn't become mayor because he's cool, so no one was really surprised.

It seemed normal when a little before 7:30 a.m. he tweeted out a request for Torontonians to suggest where the popular "Toronto" Pan Am Games sign should be displayed in the future. OK, civic pride!

Hey #Toronto! Where would you like to see iconic #TORONTOsign displayed next year? Tweet me your suggestions #Topoli

Though maybe the ALL CAPS in the hashtag was a bit much.

Then things started to go off the rails. The mayor trolled Ottawa and its mayor by suggesting the sign be put in front of where the Senators play.

How cool would the #TORONTOsign look in front of @Senators @CdnTireCtr in #Ottawa @JimWatsonOttawa? #topoli #TO2015

He went after Montreal, too.

Oh, but the John Tory crazytrain was just getting started.


Just after 1 p.m. the mayor tweeted out a video of him listening to a Kanye West song while taking the subway. He tagged Kim Kardashian in the tweet. He hashtagged it hard.

Yeezus, can't believe I didn’t know @KimKardashian’s husband wasn't Canadian! #Topoli #KanyeWest

Just. No.


Mayor Tory gets on the subway and opens a copy of what appears to be the Toronto Sun. Hidden inside, like pornography, is the issue of Rolling Stone with Kim Kardashinan on the cover. He ogles her.

John Tory / Via Twitter: @JohnTory

Because it's always a great idea for the mayor of a major city to shoot a video of him ogling a woman, and then to tweet that out and tag her.

Now reporters are asking the mayor's office to comment on whether Tory was fondling the photo of Kim Kardashian.

In joke video @JohnTory was not fondling the photo of @KimKardashian, says his mayor's spokes @agalbraith. "He's turning the page."