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This Jewelry Store Has An Anti-Gay Marriage Poster In Its Window

It says "Keep Marriage Between Man and Woman."

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Today's Jewellers in St John's, Newfoundland recently placed a poster in its store window that reads, "The Sanctity of Marriage is Under Attack," with the line "Help Keep Marriage Between Man & Woman" underneath it.

Engaged couple Nicole White and Pam Renouf were alerted to the sign after they'd paid Today's Jewellers a deposit for their engagement rings. "It was really upsetting," White told CBC.

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White and her fiance contacted store owner Esau Jardon to ask for a refund, since they no longer wanted to support his business.

Jardon told CBC he often puts religious signs up in the store, and it's his right to do so.

"I have been posting different aspects of my religious beliefs the last 11 years, and I've never had one single problem with any of my customers," he said. "It seems to be a Canadian right to post what you believe."

He said he'd put the sign up to mark Mother's Day.

A friend of the couple's posted the sign on Facebook and it soon began to spread online. Jardon said he had to shut down the store's Facebook page "because of so many hate emails and phone calls and just, really nasty stuff."

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In the end, the couple got their deposit back. "We have no negative feelings towards him, we found the poster disrespectful and inappropriate in his place of business therefore we decided not to support his business," White posted to Facebook.