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Rob Ford Handed Out An Epic Burn To A Toronto Media Outlet

Twitter Rob Ford is suddenly interesting.

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Somebody recently posted a review on Imgur of a strain of marijuana that was supposedly named after former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. "Although the name sounds like it won't get the job done, this is a very powerful indica dominant strain," it said.

The review advised that Rob Ford Kush was best used as a "night time smoke" because of its "strong medicinal effects."

So the folks at Toronto's CityNews decided to be cute and ask Ford on Twitter what he thought of this.

Hey @TorontoRobFord did you know there's a medical weed strain named after you? Any comment?

Seemed like a funny idea at the time, I guess.

Ford responded the next day with this:

Sure how about Hey @CityNews did you know that 'City' and 'News' are 2 separate words? or how's it feel to have 1/4 the followers of @CP24?

Ford's Twitter account had never been so interesting. It seemed that Ford — or whoever is running his account — was suddenly really good at Twitter. So we decided to ask him some burning questions from our daily lives.

@elamin88 a hot cup of coffee should help with both.

Nailed it.

He seemed to understand our workplace.

@iD4RO You work at Buzzfeed. Your job is to create/look at things that make the rest us waste time at work. How bad can it be?

(By the way Ishmael, I'd like to have a one-on-one with you later today.)

He was at times profound.

@laurenstrapa What's wrong with breakfast at lunch?

We asked him to help explain Internet slang, and he hashtagged us an answer.

Rob Ford compared High School Musical to Grease.

@saspler Since HSM was supposed to be Grease 3, and Grease 2 was such a mess, I couldn't say.

Some other journalists tried to hijack our conversation, and Ford responded to them, too.

@JaneLytv sure

But he was clearly just trying to be polite.

Twitter Rob Ford seemed to have a response for everything.

@pdmcleod You tell me.

What could we possibly ask that he wouldn't answer in an amusingly-Internety way?

Oh, riiight.

.@TorontoRobFord haven’t you been accused of domestic violence a bunch

.@TorontoRobFord remember when you said “oriental people work like dogs” remember that

.@TorontoRobFord what is crack like

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