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    Here’s What Happened When People Tried To Name One Thing About Canada

    “Mosquitoy as fuck.”

    "People not from Canada, can you name one thing you know about Canada?" asked Keith de Silvia Legault, aka BadCustomerService, on Reddit.


    "I'm always curious about what other countries think of Canada and I've learned that people know nearly nothing about us," de Silvia Legault told BuzzFeed Canada.

    Here are the best responses.

    1. "They say sorry all the time." (ExtremeReadit)


    "True," said one commenter. "Currently living as a Canadian in the states and my coworker walked into me. I apologized."

    2. "Mounties ride moose and get their powers from maple syrup." (Jedi4Hire)

    @madvixen1983 @campbellru24 @NemoNewfie Answer your question?

    3. "Justin Bieber 👉😡" (28natmart)

    4. "They call macaroni and cheese Kraft Dinner." (zipperstress)

    Andrea Vail / Via Flickr: avail

    Actually, it's the other way around, American friend.

    5. "Mosquitoy as fuck." (nugget8k)

    6. "There is no hope for The Maple Leafs." (aussiemac17)

    Dave Chidley / THE CANADIAN PRESS

    7. One person (Nomsfud) submitted a lovely poem:

    You have beautiful forests and national parks and lakes.

    You really are die hard for hockey.

    Not all of you are like the Trailer Park Boys.

    But all of you do say 'eh'

    You love poutine.

    You're usually all very nice, humble people

    8. "A teacher told me that Canada was founded by a bunch of drunk guys on a boat." (earendil-mariner)

    Unknown / Canadian Press

    Well, they got it half right.

    9. "That fucking healthcare system." (PrayingForJetpacks)

    10. De Silvia Legault compiled all of the answers related to places in Canada into a single map.

    Keith de Silvia Legault

    British Columbia — "Has good weed apparently."

    Alberta — "Way too cool."

    Saskatchewan —"Home of the bunny-hug."

    Manitoba — "Home of Louis Riel and The Metis."

    Ontario — "Place where Toronto is."

    Quebec — "Land of assholes."

    New Brunswick — Loyalist."

    Nova Scotia — "Land."

    Newfoundland and Labrador — "Garagesale Land."

    Prince Edward Island — "Has red soil."

    Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon — "REALLY COLD."

    Greenland — "PLACE THAT IS EVEN COLDER."

    Alaska — "People a bit more like Canadians but also have scary guns."

    USA — "People with scary guns."

    11. "I know that Canadians muscle the fuck out of the balls when they shoot pool. To their credit, they are deadly accurate and precise, but where is the finesse, eh ? I'm talking the soft gentle stroke. It has its place at the table." (SomeDudeInAK)

    Sergei Remezov / Reuters

    12. "Apparently your $100 bills smell like maple syrup. I don't believe this." (yogerfoe)

    Bank of Canada / Via

    The official word from the Bank of Canada is that the bills have no scent.

    13. "I don't know the biological basis for this working, but their heads come completely apart in the middle. The top half of their head can just float above the base." (Rhodle114)

    Keith de Silvia Legault / Via

    Another person said, "Your most famous cultural export is Terrance and Phillip."

    Others, however, expected to see more jokes along these lines. "I came here expecting to see all sorts of South park jokes. Moderately disappointed, and slightly impressed."

    14. "I was once told that in parts of Canada people primarily live underground because its so cold. Is that true or was it just bs?" (azdbat33)

    It's bs, dude.

    15. "Some people take maple syrup and pour it on the snow, wait til it gets slushy-ish, and roll it onto a wooden stick. they at it like popsicles kinda." (kiranrayne1)

    Sean Kilpatrick / The Canadian Press

    16. THIS for sure: "They are obsessed with what other countries think of them." (DogCatWhiskey)

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