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    People Are Freaking Out Because They Think The Westboro Baptist Church Is Going To Protest The Juggalos

    It's a hoax. Whoop whoop!

    In just a few weeks, the annual Gathering of the Juggalos will bring fans of Insane Clown Posse together for a festival of music and Faygo showers.

    Along with attractions such as Juggalo Family Feud and the Miss Juggalette Pageant, people are freaking out about a report claiming that the Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest the Gathering.

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    The Juggalos versus the "God Hates Fags" church. Some are calling it "a battle of the century."

    Or "the signature meeting of the minds of our time."

    A bail bond company in Indiana wants people to hold up its signs and hand out pens and t-shirts at the scene of the protest. "I KNOW our services will be needed if this happens!"

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    Sorry, Juggalos. The story is a hoax. It appeared on Associated Media Coverage, a site that only publishes fake news articles. This is in fact its second successful Westboro hoax. In April it claimed the church was planning to protest motorcycle rallies.

    Associated Media Coverage

    The motorcycle rally hoax generated almost 40,000 likes, shares and comments on Facebook. The juggalo hoax, which was published just a few days ago, has already seen 20,000 Facebook interactions.

    People sharing it on Facebook for the most part love the idea of Juggalos and the church throwing down. Some are praying for a live stream.

    This guy's opinion of the church was actually improved thanks to the church's (totally fake!) plan to protest the Juggalos.

    But not all Juggalos have been fooled. The site Faygo Luvers called out the hoax on its Facebook page. It also asked people how they would react if the church really did protest the Gathering.

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    Many Juggalos quickly said they'd beat up the protestors.

    But there were also creative proposals. This man said he'd paint his face and then shoot Faygo "out my ass" while "giving a whoop whoop to all my homies that walked by."

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    Another Juggalo eschewed violence and instead wanted to gather a group of people to "flash r buttholes at em in unity!!!!"

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    Just like Mel Gibson and his fam did in Braveheart.

    Many Juggalettes spoke out against violence. This woman wanted to offer the protestors water. "Sometimes, the smallest act of kindness can change a person's opinion," she said.

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    "And if not, at least I can feel good about myself not letting them see me be the stereotype people think of us," she said.

    Matt Stopera