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    Posted on Oct. 14, 2015

    A Guy Asked Toronto Police To Arrest Him So He Could Catch The Jays Game From Jail

    There are no TVs in the holding area, buddy.

    A man called Toronto Police this morning and asked to be arrested so he could watch today's big Blue Jays game in jail.

    Police attending a call at Earl St and Howard St. Report of a male asking to go to jail so he can watch the game today. ^cb

    The Jays are playing the Texas Rangers in the fifth and final game of their playoff series. The winner moves on to the division championship.

    Police went to the scene and and "the man was gone when police arrived," Constable Jenifferjit Sidhu of Toronto Police told BuzzFeed Canada.

    @jessiecatherine Police attended the scene and were unable to find a complainant ^cb

    Even if he had been there, he would have been out of luck.

    "The funniest part is when your'e arrested there are no televisions in the holding station," Sidhu said.

    So we can assume this was not a seasoned criminal, yes?

    "Correct," she said.

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