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    People Were Overcome With Sadness When The Only KFC In Yellowknife Closed

    The colonel flew the chicken coop, and other terrible puns await you.

    The KFC in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories has been in business for 47 years. Its massive bucket was a local fixture. But it recently served its last helping of the dirty bird.

    When news first spread about the closing of the KFC, people were overcome with finger-licking good memories.

    My KFC-loving dad sincerely wondered if they would take reservations so he could ensure an anniversary lunch. #RIPKFC

    I sold my first house to KFC on 48th St in Yellowknife so they could have an ideal location for their outlet. #RIPKFC

    Disappointed that the #yellowknife #kfc is closing.I will always have great memories of eating there and the Jason family. #ripkfc

    From heartburn to heartbreak. #RIPKFC

    Okay, maybe not all the memories were positive.

    I once spit in my friend's popcorn chicken when she was in the washroom as a prank, but she freaked out and we never spoke again. #RIPKFC


    People bought some chicken and reminisced about the good old days when the gravy ran thick and the Big Crunches were plentiful.

    Eating KFC in the back of an airplane with Ice Pilot @MikeyMcBryan. #RIPKFC #cbcnorth

    Some suggested ways to capture what was being lost.

    Will someone do an analysis on the gravy before they close it down? #yzf #sobadbutsogood #ripkfc

    We got you covered, Candace.

    Selfies were taken.

    Others knew that nothing could ever really replace the majesty of demolishing a three-piece meal in the sanctity of your own home.

    Now what will I eat alone in my underwear? #RIPKFC

    There's nothing like it.

    And now, ladies and gentlemen, please rise and take off your hats for the removal of the big bucket.

    And the KFC bucket comes down... Sad.

    @kfc_canada #KFC bucket comes down in #Yellowknife @hockeyesque

    No, you're crying.

    This guy works for the company that removed the bucket. He got to keep it. "I might make it into a hot tub which I think would be kind of cool or put it on top of one of the roofs in our yard," he told My Yellowknife Now.

    The owner of Yellowknife's old KFC bucket has some pretty cool ideas for his new toy.

    If you are a film studio executive and would like to read my script for Yellowknife KFC Hot Tub Time Machine, please get in touch.

    Finally, it was closing day. The KFC would stay open until midnight. People lined up.

    Still a line up at KFC...Yellowknife...last call

    “Everyone I talk to is pleading with me lately, like this has to be a big joke and can’t be happening for real," Jason told My Yellowknife Now. "We’re scrambling to get our chicken in and keep up with the orders.”

    So. Many. Orders.

    KFC worker is busy as ever...Yellowknife today.

    The chicken went fast. These folks got the last 10 pieces, according to one observer.

    Last 10 pieces of KFC are going to Lily Kodzin and James Lafferty in Yellowknife

    Have you ever seen a sadder sign in your life?

    Yellowknifers ate even more chicken than KFC expected on its final weekend before closure:

    One last chance to take it all in.

    The food ran out and they closed up shop.

    It supposed to be open until midnight today but....closed... hey.. no more chicken

    Jason and his family hope to open a new restaurant by Christmas. It will serve chicken.

    "And for anyone that’s so worried about losing their chicken: we’re still doing chicken," he said. "For all they know, it might be better.”

    How dare he.

    And what's this?

    In Yellowknife, it's 'Goodbye KFC, hello Mary Brown's' #yzf

    FFS Mary Brown's, the body isn't even cold.