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People Shared Canadian Pickup Lines And They're Adorable

Are you a beaver? Because daaaaaaam.

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1. In Canada, being helpful is always a turn on.

Facebook: evan.kerekes.7

3. Nature is a natural place for love.

Casual Canadian pickup line 🍁


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Facebook / Via Facebook: sam.kohl.9


Kinky Canadian Pickup Line: "Why not get in the canoe and let me paddle you?" #nationalpickuplines

7. "My dear, your eyes are like two piss holes in the snow."

Canadian pickup line: "Ma chèrie, vous avez les yeux comme deux trou de pisse dans la neige."

8. This one will only work on Canadian men of a certain generation, but for them it's foolproof:

Facebook: hepzebah

9. Shania Twain is a more universal cultural touchstone.

Canadian pickup line: you're a fine piece of real estate and I'm gonna get me some land #shania

10. As is meat.

"I got a bunch of venison in my shed..." - Canadian pickup line

11. This is a very astute commentary on wait list issues in our national health care program, as well as a pickup line:

"Hey girl, wanna play doctor in 6 to 8 weeks? ;) " - Canadian pickup line. #healthcare #2tier #ohCanada

12. Long underwear pick up lines actually exist.

Overly forward northern Canadian pickup line: "I'm not wearing any long johns."


@NorahRingma @mkramer Canadian pickup line: I bet you have some long underwear on you. No? Do you want some?

14. As do sweater pick ups.

Canadian pickup line: let's rub our wool sweaters together and zap each other someplace naughty

15. And soup pickups?

"Want to come back to my place for a nice hot cup of soup?" - Canadian pickup line.

16. Tim Horton's is a good place for a pick up, but you should never actually do this to someone else's cup:

Canadian pickup line. Can I roll up your rim? ;) @crazycoconuts

17. Better.

Canadian pickup line: Wanna come back to my igloo and share a nice warm double double from Tims ?

18. Our buildings and currency are constant sources of arousal.

Canadian pickup line: "My igloo melted on the drive down and I don't have a house now.. can I stay at yours?" 🇨🇦


"Um I don't know are you a coin because I've gone loony for you?" -how my career as a Canadian pickup line consultant came to a tragic end.

20. When trying to mate in Canada, think local.

I put the "man" in Manitoba. - Canadian pickup line


canadian pickup line: you look so vancouver but you feel so montreal

22. This works every time.